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123 Organic Anejo Tequila   

UNO DOS TRES is a new certified organic tequila from the lowlands of Jalisco. An emphasis on sustainability, renewable resources and conservation is the mission of this up-start brand. Sourced from pristine plantations where pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are prohibited, 123 tequila uses all recycled materials and natural soy ink to print their beautifully rendered labels. The tequila matches the exeptional packaging in depth and quality. Showcasing the lowland spice and mineral, you can almost taste the iron rich red soils. The "Tres" continues the exceptional trend. One year in fresh white oak barrels, coaxes more depth of oak from these exceptional barrels without overpowering the fruit. The barrels used are the real difference here - no ex-whiskey or brandy barrels, just high quality new white oak. Enhanced richness and herbal quality are the keynotes for the Anejo.